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Founder and CEO of DMARKET


Co-Founder and CEO of DMARKET

DMARKET was Founded  by Afroz Ahmad and Muhammad Yusuf in Vijayawada, Andhrapradesh, INDIA.

We are so much enthusiastic in Web designing and Software Development. We do research in Web and Mobile development daily so as to bring a beneficial product for the masses who use web and mobile technology.

Our roots run deep in the discovery and development of results-driven, purpose-focused technological product that inspires and influences the people to use our product so as to facilitate their lives by using latest technology in Web and Mobile Media.

Users success is our success. Users are the only priority we have. Simplifying the lives of the people through an All-in-One Web and Mobile App is our goal. We think we have achieved this goal by establishing Applet  with the product 'All-in-One App'

We have studied so many technologies and observed so many technological companies. Instead of simplifying the business and life of the people, all these complex technologies and companies are hardening the digital lives of the people by their complexity and expensive products. We hate such complexity. Simplicity and affordability is our goal.

Actually there is no need to develop any software from the scratch for every customer or user in this era. 

Technological companies are becoming more commercial day by day. They need money. So they hide the fact that there is no need of develop each and every software for every customer from the scratch. As a result, customers have to pay so much money to such companies for their technological product. That is why so many people are still away from the leatest Web and Mobile technology.This is the problem with commercial companies.

Actually after the discovery of Mobile phones and Mobile Apps, the world is getting App based global communication system which is better than print media and visual media. After the discovery of paper, radio, TV and computer the world is moving towards Mobile phone completely which is dominating all the other media.

People are being addicted to Mobile phone through Apps and saying good-bye to print media, visual media and computer based Web Media. Now anybody can run a media channel through a Mobile App and communicate with anybody in this world. So after the print media, visual media and web media, App Media is becoming popluar in this world. So, keeping in view of these facts we came with an innovative digital project named 'APPLET'.

Applet is a software company which generates, sells readymade App to the customers and provides a great online business opportunity for all through its unique business system.

Infact one unique App is enough for a person to start his online business through his App. A number of earning opportunities can be discovered through the utilisation of the unique App. Every person has a Mobile Phone whether he has TV or Computer or not. So Mobile phone is a necessity for every person nowadays. Where there is a Mobile Phone there must be an App. So a Mobile App fulfills all the needs of the person of this era. That is the speciality of Mobile phone over TV and Computer.

That is why we would like to provide a unique app for all which runs on any kind of phone including Android, Iphone  and Windows Mobiles.

By providing a beneficial business app for the people, we would like to appify their lives through the app to develop their living standards by doing online business. Providing excellent business opportunity through a unique app is the motto of APPLET.

Apart from selling our Software products through our Applet Online Shop, we promote Physical and Digital Products through DMARKET with Pay on Delivery option.

We advertise the products of various sellers through our DMARKET platform. The buyers can place an order by selecting the products by selecting Pay on Delivery Option.

We guide the buyers so that they can buy their desired products from the sellers of the products.

So, at DMARKET, we don't collect the amount from buyers. We just place the free ad of the product of the seller so as to promote the product of the seller.

This is our methodology.


Afroz Ahmad and

Md. Yousuf